Ravenna is a treasure chest of art and history that lies between the Apennines; a city of ancient origins with a glorious past and which for three times was a capital.

The city’s basilicas and baptisteries preserve the richest heritage of mosaics in the world that dates back to the 4th and 5th centuries. This city is home to the remains of Dante and organises initiatives to keep his memory alive.

The sinuous roads reflect the city’s past as lagoon centre and the ancient presence of canals which were closed under the rule of Venice. Ravenna, the region’s most important port, is connected to the sea by a navigable canal called Candiano.

Nature is represented by the sea but also by the Oasi Naturale di Punta Alberete and the silent Po Delta Valley which feature examples of typical vegetation and rare species of animals. The Parco del Delta del Po includes the Pinewoods of San Vitale, the Piallasse (humid area) and the Pinewoods of Classe with their valleys, brackish areas, lagoons and river mouths characterised by large pinewoods that form Ravenna’s natural environment.


The Sangiovese and Food Route of the Hills of Faenza is a food and wine itinerary that covers 150 kilometres crossing five municipalities and the hillside valleys to the border with Tuscan Romagna.

The route connects sites of particular historic and artistic interest: the renaissance and neo-classic town of Faenza with its artistic ceramics and 15th century Oriolo dei Fichi tower, the medieval village Brisighella, and Riolo Terme, built around the ancient fortress, up to Casola Valsenio, among historical sites, ancient observation towers and Romanesque churches. 

The natural environment is the backdrop to this route with its fascinating contrast between the karst formation of the "Vena del gesso" and the gentle green hills with vineyards and olive groves that produce the wines from  the Colli di Faenza ( Doc wines from Romagna) and the precious and fragranced  Brisighella Dop (protected designation of origin) extra-virgin olive oil.

Every section of this Route offers pleasant feelings: from the aroma of shallots to that of herbs, from the intense flavour of the meats to that of salami, cold meats and pecorino cheeses, from the sweetness of the fruit with geographical indication to that of “forgotten fruits” found in the mountain areas.

link: The Route of Ravenna

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