Rimini is located in the south-eastern part of Emilia Romagna on the Adriatic coast.

Everybody knows Rimini as resort on the Adriatic coast with a long and wide beach. Rimini’s hinterland is less well known and very different; it is a hilly land, crossed by the Conca and Marecchia rivers, that lies between the Adriatic Sea and the Republic of San Marino, the Montefeltro and the hills of Cesena. Here the hilly landscape joins the countryside: narrow streets, villages, castles and churches fill the landscape of Rimini's hinterland offering a different type of tourism in holiday farms.


The Wine and Dine Route of the Hills of Rimini stretches across the countryside of the hinterland between the Marecchia and Conca valleys, crossing  this small and young province up to the border of Montefeltro in the Marche region. A hilly land where cultivations alternate with villages and fortified hamlets with a rich and unique heritage of fortresses and castles from the Malatesta period, which still today dominate the strategic points of the two valleys.

The backbone of the route follows the unusual burgundy asphalt of the “Romagna Route” that runs parallel to the Adriatic coast. Off the main route many secondary roads reach places that reveal a rich food and wine tradition with unexpected tastes considering the nearby maritime source of food.

The “Colline di Romagna” DOP (protected designation of origin) wine and oil are the leading products together with the "Colli di Rimini" Doc (controlled denomination of origin) wines and a production of olives without equal in the entire region.

A food and wine journey into the bowels of a Rimini which is much more than just “fun and sea” and also offers history, culture and tradition.

link: The Route of Rimini

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