Summer Camp

For many children and young people a Summer Camp is an opportunity to broaden their horizons, see new things, acquire new ideas and perspectives; for many people it represents a new world, a real moment of growth and development; it is a “strong”, motivating and enriching experience for everyone.

A summer camp is an educational environment where “the group and the team” represent the physiological answer to the need of children and youngsters to be together, “united”; it is a place where every individual has the possibility of discovering and expressing himself/herself as protagonist.

In this context free time will take on a correct value and this experience will really offer the opportunity of learning with great enthusiasm.

The summer camps inside the Parco Avventura Esploraria will offer additional stimuli and favour relationships between participants.


- Create a holiday atmosphere and environment where children can develop their personality respecting that of others by exchanging their knowledge, establishing relationships also with children of different ages, and sharing different cultural models.

- Encourage the abilities of each individual, promoting the development of expressive verbal and bodily capacities.

- Promote environmentally responsible and aware behaviour and attitudes in children using sports, games and their curiosity as means to personal and cultural development; some activities are also carried out with Nature Guides (G.A.E.);

- Increase children’s awareness of their motor skills;

- Stimulate a relationship with the mountain environment that will welcome the children, rediscovering the seasons and the pleasure of a healthier and more genuine diet.


The aim is to offer participants the possibility of experimenting different sporting activities in total safety. Participants, accompanied by a team of experts, in an environment rich in opportunities defined by precise rules, will familiarise with games and sporting activities; this will be done gradually to give them time to assimilate the new inputs.

All participants will familiarise actively, not as spectators!

The importance of the activity organiser

The activity organiser must not force children; his/her role is to develop the children’s knowledge in a natural way respecting certain conditions and methods:

-live every situation from the inside, like one of the children, but at the same time observe them from the outside like an adult;

-not seek the role of protagonist: a good activity organiser-educator must stay in the background and allow the children to enjoy their success;

-never improvise; everything must be foreseen and carefully organised; take note of everything;

-be able to change programme when forced by a given situation and propose a more suitable activity.

All nature outings will be accompanied by Nature Guides (G.A.E.), who are trained for this task; it is important to remember that Nature Guides (G.A.E.) are the only professional guides in Emilia Romagna recognised by Law for the activities mentioned above (Regional Law no. 4 of 2000).


The strong point of the SportAvventura Summer Camps is the variety of activities offered, always supported by experts, which represent a continuous stimulus for participants.


treetop trails in total safety: suspended bridges, Nepalese bridges, ropes, walkways, pulleys...all managed and supervised by trained Forest Acrobatic Experts.


“vertical experiences” accompanied by a Federal Rock Climbing Instructor using certified equipment.


after the success of the “Monta in bike” (get in the saddle) project, children will cycle along special routes with a champion, winner of one Olympic medal and a number of medals at International competitions.


with the help of a qualified instructor children can express themselves in total safety in the Enchanted Woods, a lovely area especially equipped for archery.


on the mountain bikes provided by the organisers, children will discover the pleasure of passing from the heat of a morning on two wheels to the refreshing water of an afternoon in the pool.


the discovery of the "natural world” of the mountains, a new environment, with the fantastic sceneries offered by the Apennines; children will feel like explorers in a virgin land walking along trails, rivers and gorges...discovering a waterfall and then a natural pool of water...the treasures hidden in our woods.


children will spend half a day on an adventure where they will be asked to use their imagination to create a shelter for the night...then back at the camp at night they will all learn to put up a tent and discover the magic of the woods at night.


all the experiences lived during the camps will be written down in a holiday diary in which participants can add the details of what impressed them the most, draw moments of collective life and write about the most important episodes of the time spent together.


a relaxation area with large hammocks.


the darkness of the chestnut grove will be interrupted by films.


A party with refreshments will be organised at the end of the Summer camp -during which children will have the opportunity of sharing their experience with their parents. To tell and show parents the children’s adventures and experiences, the summer camp will produce a picture story (photographs) which will be presented at the party.


Accommodation, breakfast and activities in case of bad weather will be in the Ospitale di San Giacomo, an ancient building recently renovated with bedrooms for 3/4/5/6 people all with private bathroom, two large activity rooms and a well-equipped kitchen.

Activity rooms:

two completely renovated spaces without architectural barriers suitable for activities and lunch in case of bad weather or as cool shelter in the early hours of the afternoon.


all rooms have private bathrooms, on the ground floor there is a bathroom for differently abled persons. Bathrooms will always be within easy reach during every activity.

Parco dell'Avventura Esploraria:

located in a woodland area inside a chestnut grove, it has been built according to high safety standards and covers 10 hectares of land on the top of a hill, away from the risk of cars, just 200 m from the ancient Ospitale.


Lunch will be served at the refreshment point of the Parco Avventura Esploraria, while dinner will be served in three structures in Zocca which have an agreement with SportAvventura.

Simple games (the biggest eaters, the calmest table, the cleanest table...) will be organised in order to transform lunch into a convivial moment and not a moment of confusion.

At the Summer Camp children will use proper glasses, plates and cutlery to avoid pointless waste and teach children to limit the production of waste.

Dinner will be served in 3 restaurants in Zocca that have an agreement with the SportAvventura Summer Camps, so the children will have the opportunity of tasting typical local dishes from the mountain area and eat a varied diet.

Daily programme

A typical day at Summer Camp:

8.00 a.m. Wake up

9.00 a.m. Breakfast and short presentation of the day’s activity.

9.30 a.m. - 12.30 a.m. Scheduled activities

To guarantee the success of the activities children may be divided into groups, each one supervised and followed by an activity organiser.

12.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. Lunch

1.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. Free play or relaxation

2.30 p.m. - 6.30 p.m. Scheduled activities

4.30 p.m. Snack time!

6.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. Time for a wash!

7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. Dinner

8.30 p.m. - 10 p.m. Games or movies

9.00 can switch on your mobiles!

10.00 p.m. Bed time sleepy eyes!

Weekly programme:

The final objective is to promote environmentally responsible and aware behaviour and attitudes in children through sport and games.

How to get here

The headquarters of the Summer Camp is inside the Parco Avventura Esploraria, on the hill of San Giacomo, near the village of Lame, just 4 km from the centre of Zocca.

From the North: exit at Modena Sud (A1 motorway), and follow directions for Vignola. When you reach Vignola follow directions for Bologna; after the bridge over the Panaro River in Vignola follow directions for Zocca.

When you reach Zocca you will see brown signs for the Parco Esploraria, just 5 minutes away.

From Bologna / Ferrara / Padua: exit at Casalecchio di Reno, go towards  Maranello, take the Via Bazzanese towards Bazzano, when you arrive in Muffa, turn towards Monteveglio and pass through Monteveglio, Castelletto, Ciano and Monte Ombraro until you reach Zocca.

From the South: exit at Rioveggio, do not follow directions for Vergato, go towards Bologna and shortly after turn left towards Pian di Venola, from here follow directions for Tolè, and then for Zocca. After a short time on the SS road towards Zocca you will reach the village of Lame...look for the directions for the Parco Esploraria is very close.

Info e prenotazioni:

+39 328 9376048 Roberto - +39 335-6467070 Marcella -

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