Sassi di Roccamalatina

Sassi di Roccamalatina

Parco Regionale dei Sassi di Roccamalatina: spires like shooting stars

The park covers an area of about 1,119 hectares and is located mainly in the municipality of Guiglia and with a small part in the municipality of Marano sul Panaro. The protected area stretches from the Panaro River Valley Floor up the right bank of the river safeguarding the hills that frame the Sassi, imposing sandstone rocks with vertical walls where peregrine falcons nests.

The park has a rich variety of natural habitats as well as some sites of historical importance: the Pieve di Trebbio, probably founded between the 11th and 12th century, and the small medieval villages of Castellino delle Formiche and Castellaro. Some examples of ancient rural architecture are also worth visiting, such as "Grilla" (15th century), Pugnano (14th-16th century) and Ronzone (16th century)


The most common species of this park are oak, hop-hornbeam, chestnut, poplar and alder. The different microclimates of this park favour the growth in close areas of typical Mediterranean plants and plants typical of higher mountain areas; for example tree heath grows near to beech and bilberry. The plants of the Sassi include broom, juniper, tree heath, herbs (mugwort and thyme), orchids and woodland pink.


The mammals of this park are those typical of the Mid- Apennines: squirrels, dormice, hazel dormice, bank voles and field mice Predators are also common: weasels, beech-martens, badgers and foxes. In the last few years roe deer have also been seen in the park.

The park can be visited all-year round but the best time is in spring or autumn when nature offers spectacular shows. The visitor centres of the park are the Centro Parco di Pieve di Trebbio, which includes the Environmental Education Centre and Visitor Centre of Borgo dei Sassi, access point to trail no. 4 "Salita al Sasso della Croce".

A few of the walks available, some with guides, are detailed below:

  • Crossing of the park
  • Around the cliffs
  • Woods, fields and towers (one day outings). The history and environments of the park
  • Wood and ancient mill trail
  • Cima ca' Spazzavento
  • On the banks of the Frescara River
  • Easy trail
  • Guided tour of  the Pieve di Trebbio (half-day).


Nature Trails of the Valpanaro

The Natura-Sole and Belvedere (nature,sun and scenery) nature trails unfold along the Panaro Valley from Modena to Mount Belvedere (Montese). The first trail (Natura-Sole) can be done on foot or by bicycle; it runs along the left bank of the Panaro River for 33.7 Km, from Saliceto Panaro (Modena Est) to Casona di Marano, passing by San Cesario, Spilamberto, Savignano, Vignola, Marano sul Panaro, up to Casona, where the second trail starts. The second trail (Belvedere) carries on from where the first trail ends. It is 48 Km long, from Casona to Mount Belvedere; you can enjoy this trail on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The section between Casona and Castellino runs inside the Parco Regionale dei Sassi di Roccamalatina. The other main sites are: Castellino- Monte Questiolo, Madonna dei Cerreti-Maserno-Monteforte-Mount Belvedere.


Comunità Montana dell'Appennino modena Est ,


Park Centre "Il Fontanazzo"

via Pieve di Trebbio 1287 - 41052 loc. Pieve di Trebbio Roccamalatina (MO)

tel. +39 059 795721 - fax +39 059 795044


Visitor Centre Borgo dei Sassi, Rocca di Sopra (Borgo dei Sassi) - Via Sassi, 1988 - 41050 Roccamalatina (Mo)




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