Modena Apennines, Mount Cimone

Many years ago there were only horse-pulled sleighs. Then, after World War Two, lift systems were installed: the Sestola-Pian del Falco chairlift (the first one in Emilia and one of the first in Italy), then the cableway Passo del Lupo-Pian Cavallaro and the Polle and Cimoncino ski lifts.

The next steps in the history of the Cimone ski resort saw the extension of the ski lifts and runs and the development of the entire resort to the point that it has hosted important international events such as the “Tombiadi” in 1988, two editions of the Italian Open Championships and many F.I.S competitions. Today the Cimone resort is at the forefront of winter sport resorts and boasts a top quality tourist offer.

Short and long runs, “Black” and “Blue”, always perfectly groomed and nearly all equipped with artificial snow systems; fast and safe lift systems with access by key card; off-piste runs and slopes for extreme skiing; ski instructors for every technique: athletes and beginners can find the answer to all their requirements just one hour from Modena or the Autosole motorway.

Fun in the mountains for everyone, Cimone is the ideal resort for children and families: playground, ski school slope, easy runs with easy to use systems, routes especially studied for families with small children; here children can approach skiing, even at competitive level, from a very young age.

50 km of runs, 22 lift systems, one single Ski pass


1 Rossa medium 1200 Pian del Falco
3 Verde medium 2.700 Pian del Falco
4 Delle Marmotte medium 3.000 Cimoncino
5 Delle Aquile difficult-medium 2.700 Cimoncino
6 Delle Pernici medium 1.900 Cimoncino
7 Lago della Ninfa medium 900 Lago della Ninfa
8 Catinaccio medium 3.600 Passo del Lupo
9 Nord Funivia medium 1.900 Passo del Lupo
10 Direttissima Paletta difficult 1.700 Passo del Lupo
11 Nord Beccadella medium 2.100 Passo del Lupo
12 Sud Beccadella medium 2.200 Passo del Lupo
13 Belladonna medium 1.200 Passo del Lupo
14 Colombaccio easy 700 Passo del Lupo
15 Betulla Campo Scuola easy 1.100 Passo del Lupo
16 Faggio medium 800 Passo del Lupo
17 7 fontane difficult-medium 2.470 Le Polle
19 Del Lago medium 850 Le Polle
20 C. Scuola Pollicino easy 280 Le Polle
21 Esperia medium 1050 Passo del Lupo
22 C. Scuola Pian del Falco easy 220 Pian del Falco
23 Stadio dello Slalom difficult 1 Passo del Lupo
24 Campo Scuola Cimoncino easy 400 Cimoncino
25 Baggiolara 2 difficult-medium 1.300 Le Polle
26 Campo Scuola Maestri easy 1 Passo del Lupo
27 Baggiolara difficult 1.100 Le Polle
28 Cervarola Nord medium 1 Montecreto
30 Cervarola Sud difficult 1 Montecreto
31 I Grotti medium 1 Montecreto


1 Sestola-Pian del Falco
triple chairlift Sestola
2 Campo Scuola Pian del Falco ski lift/T-bars Pian del Falco
3 La Capanna magic carpet Cimoncino
4 La Capanna 2 magic carpet Cimoncino
5 Cimoncino (1 tronco) 6 posti 6 passengers chairlift Cimoncino
6 Cimoncino (2 tronco) 2 posti double chairlift Cimoncino
8 Lago della Ninfa 4 posti quad chairlift Lago della Ninfa
9 Colombaccio 2 posti double chairlift Passo del Lupo
10 Dei Maestri magic carpet Passo del Lupo
11 Lamaccione 3 posti triple chairlift Passo del Lupo
12 Funivia Passo del Lupo cableway Passo del Lupo
13 Del Cimone 4 posti quad chairlift Passo del Lupo
14 Piancavallaro 2 posti double chairlift Le Polle
15 Faggio Bianco 3 posti triple chairlift Passo del Lupo
16 Esperia ski lift/T-bars Passo del Lupo
17 Polle-Valcava 6 posti 6 passengers chairlift Le Polle
18 Ariete 4 posti quad chairlift Le Polle
19 Pollicino C. Scuola magic carpet Le Polle
20 Stellaro 2 posti double chairlift Montecreto
21 Cervarola ski lift/T-bars Montecreto
22 Grotti ski lift/T-bars Montecreto
23 Tappeto Campo Scuola rmagic carpet Montecreto

Mountain Lodges

Edelweiss - Passo del Lupo

Ristoro dello Sciatore  - Passo del Lupo

Self Service Esperia  - Passo del Lupo

Ski passes

The ski pass campaign for the winter season 2009-10 is underway. The consortium of the lift systems of this resort in the Modena Apennines has communicated the new prices. A seasonal ski pass purchased by 30 September costs 441 € for adults, 262.50 € for children born in 1995 or later, 398 € for seniors born before 1949. In October and November the prices will go up to 507 € for adults and 320 € for children and in December they will go up to 557.5 € for adults and 389 € for children. Free ski pass for children born in 2002 or later accompanied by an adult. With the purchase of a Cimone season ticket you will receive vouchers for five free days of skiing in the Abetone district. A daily ski pass will cost 32 € on Sundays and holidays and 26 € on weekdays and Saturdays.



Consorzio stazione invernale del Cimone, Via Statale Ovest 23 - 41029 Sestola (MO)
Tel. +39 0536 62350 - Fax. +39 0536 60021 - -

Snow bulletin:
+39 0536-62350 (4 linee operative 24 h su 24 h)

Ticket offices:
Passo del Lupo +39 0536 61002
Cimoncino +39 0536 62489
Le Polle +39 0536 75214
Lago della Ninfa +39 0536 62922


To reach Fanano, Sestola, Montecreto or Riolunato by car:

- from the North, A1 motorway (exit at Modena Sud or Bologna Casalecchio), then Vignola, Strada Fondovalle, Fanano, Sestola, Montecreto, Riolunato;

- from the South, Firenze Mare motorway (exit at Lucca), then Abetone, Riolunato, Montecreto, Sestola; or exit at Pistoia, Porretta, Silla, Fanano, Sestola.

Recommended coach route:

- to Fanano-Sestola-Montecreto : A1 motorway (exit Modena Sud ), then Vignola, Strada Fondovalle, Fanano, Sestola, Montecreto;

- to Riolunato : Firenze Mare motorway (exit at Pistoia) then Abetone, Pievepèlago, Riolunato.

By airplane:

-Bologna airport 80 km

-Florence airport 100 km

By Train:

-Modena railway station 70 km. Then take a bus of the ATCM bus company.

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