Cycling, trekking and mountain biking in Forlì-Cesena

Cycling, trekking and mountain biking in Forlì-Cesena


From the magnificent green of the mountains to the light blue sea following the rivers that flow from the peaks running over harsh badlands and gentle hills and across the wide plain. Outline your holiday itinerary across silent bright green woods or snow-covered woods and trace your path on skis, by bicycle, by motorbike, on foot or horseback.

Fill your eyes with the magnificent sceneries of the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna, where nature is intact and wisely preserved by man and where time still follows the gentle rhythm of nature. The valleys open up unexpectedly revealing gentle hills. Discover the tastes and perfumes of these hills through the local wine making tradition and local produce along the Wine and Dine route where ancient secrets meet new harmonies. Discover the harmony of the many precious springs of thermal water that offer balance and wellness. The hills gradually blend into the plain which is crossed by the Via Emilia, a history line.  Along this road there are many jewels of art and culture that tell the stories of Noblemen and Cardinals and show the signs of local illustrious people and their works. The plain opens onto the sea with a view of the infinite blue horizon. Beaches with fine, soft and golden sand make this short coastline ideal for a pleasant holiday at the sea.


“Handlebar-biting” high ridges, gentle hills where the rhythm loosens, long descents towards the sea, peaks that seem to be unreachable.  Sceneries that have nurtured great champions and myths; park your bike and discover the pleasure of the excellent food and wonderful wines with their unmistakable bouquet. The green heart of Romagna beats at the breathing rhythm of the many cycling lovers that cycle on its roads and paths. This same passion has given rise to an internet site dedicated to bicycle and mountain bike itineraries which offers ideas and suggestions: The Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna is ideal for mountain biking with marked trails surrounded by a beautiful protected natural environment.   In the province of Forlì-Cesena every road becomes a cycle route and every itinerary becomes a challenge. Live your passion in the green heart of Romagna.


“Bici in FC Itinerari di fascino nel cuore verde della Romagna” - Cycling in Forlì-Cesena Fascinating itineraries in the green heart of Romagna.  A guidebook for cycle tourists: 1 road map and 21 detailed technical data sheets showing fountains for a refreshing stop, specialised mechanics in case of need and more detailed and precise information in pocket-size format. The guidebook can also be downloaded in PDF format from, under the PUBLICATIONS section. The paper format can also be requested from the same section of the website or by writing to . “Monti & colline in mountain bike 16 escursioni in mountain bike lungo le vallate dell'Appennino Romagnolo” - Hills & mountains by mountain bike: 16 mountain bike excursions in the valleys of the Romagna Apennines. A guide for cyclists wishing to discover the territory and local hospitality: good food, hospitality, respect for the environment, love for this land and for cycling. 16 technical-descriptive pocket-sized sheets and 1 road map. The guide can be requested from, under the PUBLICATIONS section or by writing to


Discover new paths and follow the rhythm of your steps to discover the fascinating uncontaminated natural environment and the traces left by man surrounded by history and nature. Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna - Visitor centres: Bagno di Romagna Tel. +39 0543 911304 • San Benedetto in Alpe Tel. +39 0543 965286 • Premilcuore Tel. +39 0543 956540 • Santa Sofia Tel. +39 0543 971375 • Information office of Campigna Tel. +39 0575 980231 • Tredozio Tel. +39 0546 943943 • Romagna Escursioni (excursions in Romagna): • Province of Forlì-Cesena:

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